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the toxic waste by-product of god's creation

the nurse
I am a 22 year old film student who is constantly working on homework or a shift at my job. I'm busy always and honestly don't really use this account much anymore as Tumblr long ago ate my life. I am a secretive, secretive bitch. My life has become my favorite movies, seriously.

2001 a space oddessey, angel sanctuary, aslan, assassin's creed, barack obama, bradley james, bruce wayne, buffy the vampire slayer, castiel, collin morgan, comics, concerts, david fincher, dean winchester, destiel, digimon, disney movies, district 9, doctor who, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dr. jonathon crane, draco malfoy, duo maxwell, ed elric, eddie redmayne, edgar allan poe, edmund pevensie, eduardo saverin, fanfiction, fashion, fight club, films, firefly, fullmetal alchemist, ghostfacers, gundam wing, guns, harry potter, harry styles, heero yuy, holy inferiority complex batman!, how do you stop an exploding man?, hugo, i-could-be-on-fire, ianto jones, imogen heap, ironman, jack frost, james t. kirk, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, larry stylinson, legally blonde, liam payn, lord of the rings, louis tomlinson, mark zuckerberg, me gusta queso, merlin, misha collins, miyazaki movies, music, my chemical romance, my freeze ray, nananana nananana batman!, narnia, niall horan, one direction, origa, patrick stump, pete wentz, peter petrelli, photography, pitch black, podium-aburrido-podium-aburrido-podium..., portal, rise of the guardians, robert chase, rooney mara, roy mustang, sandy vajayjay pearls, sarcasm, scrubs, se7en, singing, spock, spork, star trek, star wars, supernatural, swarles barkley, swarley, swarlos, swarlton, tea, tengo la plaga, tgwtdt, the black parade, the chronicles of narnia, the fall, the social network, v for vendetta, verboten!, what's-wrong-with-these-scissorsss?, wonderflonium, x-men, zayn malik